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quality blinds direct from the manufacturer

conditions of sale

  • By depositing part or full payment for an order and / or signing an order form, the customer ("you") acknowledges that these terms and conditions have been read, understood and agreed.
  • Quotations are valid for 14 days;
  • After that time prices cannot be guaranteed and a new quotation may be required.
Payment for installation orders
  • For all orders where the blinds are to be installed by Mr Blinds New Zealand Limited ("Mr Blinds", "we" or "us"), a 50% deposit is required before we can commence manufacturing of the order;
  • The balance of payment is required prior to or at the time of installation.  
  • If the balance of the amount due is not paid by the due date, you must pay, at our discretion (and without affecting any other right we may have) all expenses and costs (including debt collection and legal costs) incurred by us in obtaining or attempting to obtain a remedy for failure to pay.
Payment for pick-up and courier orders
  • For all orders that are to be couriered to, or picked up by you, we require full payment before manufacturing of the order can commence.
Cancellation of your order
  • If you cancel your order once we have commenced manufacturing the blinds, any portion of the purchase price paid will not be refunded, in order to cover our manufacturing costs;
  • If we have not commenced manufacturing of the blinds, a full refund will be provided.
Transfer of title
  • Title of the blinds will not pass to you until we have received full payment.
Measurements taken by customer
  • Where you provide your own measurements, you take responsibility for the accuracy of those measurements;
  • If any measurements are incorrect and the order requires altering or must be remade you accept responsibility for the cost of these changes.
Measurements taken by Mr Blinds
  • We accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in quantities and / or measurements that we make;
  • We reserve the right to make any variations to your quotation arising out of these errors or omissions.
Customers responsibility to remove existing coverings 
  • Unless agreed prior to installation,you are responsible for the removal of any existing window coverings, tracks etc.  A charge may apply for the removal of existing window coverings, however the charge will be first notified to you.
Completion and delivery of blinds
  • We will deliver your blinds to the address you have provided as soon as possible after your payment has been paid;
  • We will advise you of the estimated completion date when we accept your order;
  • We normally aim to complete your blinds within approximately 10-15 working days of acceptance of your order and receipt of your payment;
  • The date notified to you will be an estimate only and we give no warranty that we will be able to deliver on that date;
  • We shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever due to failure by us to deliver the blinds promptly or at all.
Courier of blinds
  • Where you choose to self install your blinds, we will make every effort to package the blinds appropriately for delivery to you by courier.
  • We are not responsible for damage to blinds during transit.
Blinds manufactured ‘square’
  • All products manufactured by us are ‘square’;
  • We take no responsibility for windows that are ‘out of square’.
Supply of blinds
  • The supply of blinds is subject to availability of materials.
Colour match
  • Exact match to sample colours cannot be guaranteed as colours and weaves may vary between samples.
  • In the event of any breach of these Conditions of Sale by us, the remedies shall be limited to damages which under no circumstances shall exceed the price of your blinds;
  • You shall not be entitled to set off against, or deduct from the price of the blinds any sums owed or claimed to be owed to you by us nor withhold payment of any invoice because part of that invoice is in dispute.
Warranty and defects resolution
  •  Your blinds are subject to a 3-year limited warranty from the date of delivery of the blinds to you.
  •  If a defect arises within the warranty period, you may return them to us at your cost.  If we determine that the blinds are defective, we will either replace or repair the blinds and return the blinds to you free of charge.
  •  Otherwise, you will be responsible for the cost of repairing and delivering the blinds to you.
  •  To the extent permitted by law, our total liability for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from any defect in any blinds or any other breach of our obligations is limited to the lesser of:
    •   the price of the blinds complained of;
    •   the cost of repairing or replacing the defective blinds; or
    •   the actual loss or damage suffered by you.
  • To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable in any event for any loss of profits, consequential, indirect or special damage, loss or injury of any kind suffered by you or any other person.
  • You shall not be entitled to set off against, or deduct from the price of the blinds, or any sums owed or claimed to be owed to you by us nor withhold payment of any invoice because part of that invoice is in dispute.
About us
We are proudly kiwi owned and Auckland based, and you are buying directly from us….the manufacturer.  We manufacture blinds for both the domestic and commercial market in NZ.  The blinds we sell are made by our own dedicated staff precisely to your measurements so they fit your windows and doors perfectly........

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Location: 1 Lady Ruby Dr, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 
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