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how to measure your window for blinds

How to measure your window for blindsBefore measuring your windows you need to decide if the blinds will be fitted on the inside of the
window frame (‘Inside Fit’) or on the outside of the window or to the wall (‘Outside Fit’).

Step 1: Determine inside fit or outside fit
Inside fit is the most common option chosen as it provides a clean look that is more aesthetically appealing than an outside fit.  It does however allow some light to get past the outside edges of the blind.  If desired this can be minimised by setting the blind further back into the window frame.
Before deciding on an inside fit also ensure that:
  •  The window frame is deep enough to fit the blind and brackets.  A guide to the depth of the window frame that is required for the blind to fit fully inside the frame is as follows:
  •  Roller blinds: 60mm (minumim of 130mm for dual roller blinds)
  • Wooden blinds: 70mm
  •  Vertical blinds: 75mm
  •  Check your windows for any obstacles that may impede the smooth operation of a blind such as handles, latches or mullions (wood or aluminium vertical divider between windows)
Outside fit where the blind is fitted above/outside the window frame is less common however you may wish to select this option based on the following:
  •  A particular look you are trying to achieve
  • Blocks more light as the blind covers the full face of the window
  • The window frame is not deep enough to hold the blinds in the case of an inside fit (see above)
  • There are obstacles in the window frame that the blinds might hit (see above)
  • The window itself may not be a regular shape

Step 2:  measure the window
Measuring technique
To ensure that your blinds fit properly please measure accurately to the nearest millimetre (this is especially important for inside fit roller blinds).  Do not make any adjustments or deductions unless specified in these instructions.  Measure your window frames twice to ensure that you get the same result each time and to ensure it is accurate. 
a) Measuring inside fit
Measure the inside width of your window frame across the top of the frame (‘width’), and the inside height of the window frame (‘drop) as per the image right.
If you are ordering wooden blinds, vertical blinds or aluminium blinds measure the drop in three places (left, centre and right of the frame).
Note down the smallest measurement of the three taken.

b) Measuring outside fit
Before measuring the window for an outside fit you need to decide how you are going to fit the blinds which will in part depend on the style of your window frames:
If your windows do not have architraves then the blinds will generally be fit to the wall above the window frame (so the screws can fix into the lintel)
If your windows have architraves you may either fix the blind brackets to the outside edges of the architraves or to the wall above the architraves
If you decide to fix the blind brackets to the architraves note that the width of the actual blind will be slightly less than the width of the architraves, hence some of the architrave will show when the blind is down / closed


Inside Fit Measurements-281-177

Measuring outside fit - blind fixed to wall.
To measure an outside fit where the blind is to be fixed to the wall, measure the outside width of the window frame and the outside height of the window frame as per the image to the right.

We recommend that you make the following adjustments to your measurements to ensure that the blind fully covers the outside edges of the window frame / architrave:
Measuring outside fit – blind fixed to architrave
To measure an outside fit where the blind is to be fixed to the architrave, measure the outside width of the window architrave and the outside height of the architrave as per the image below. 

Important Note
Please take care when measuring your windows making sure that your measurements are accurate.  If you make a mistake we can alter your blinds however there will be an extra charge for doing this and the possibility of further freight charges.
Outside Fit Measurements - Wall Fit-598

Outside Fit Measurements - Architrave Fit-437
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